May 19 2014

Our Harlem Shake

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Last year, a fellow Girl Scout leader friend of mine was diagnosed with throat and lymph node cancer.  While she was undergoing chemo and radiation, she asked for her friends to make “harlem shake” videos for her when she finished her treatment.  If you don’t know what a Harlem Shake video is, it was a brief but widely popular internet meme.  Here’s Wikipedia’s definitionContinue reading

May 7 2014

How NOT to go hiking

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Last week, a father and his two children were rescued from Congaree National Park after their plans for a short hike went terribly wrong.  I would hope most Scout leaders know this information, but when I read this article, some things just slapped me silly across the face.  I don’t post this to make light or fun of this family, but here’s what happens when you don’t know what you’re doing or you just assume you do.  Friends laugh at me when I take along stuff like a knife, fire starter, emergency blanket, etc. on even short hikes (and I probably do go overboard most of the time), but you never know what could happen! Continue reading

May 2 2014

First Camping Trip – Day Two

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Here’s Day One.

It takes me forever to go to bed. I have a hard time normally getting to sleep anyway, but so many notes to self are swirling through my head, and I am thinking ahead about how we will handle breakfast in the morning. I finally drift off to sleep (I think) when the first Brownie comes to the flap. ::scratch scratch scratch:: Co-pilot Beth opens the tent flap, and the girl who ate all of the Fritos complains about her legs hurting. Co-pilot Beth tells her to rub them, and if that doesn’t help, she’ll give her some kids’ Tylenol to help (yes, we have the parental permission for this). Continue reading