June 26 2014

Wind Map

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Wind MapI know this might be kind of random, but I think it’s kind of neat, and it might fit in with a badge or journey somewhere.  I’m just starting the Junior level in the fall, so I’m not familiar with the older girls’ badges.

This page shows hourly updates about wind speeds across the United States based on data from the National Digital Forecast Database:  http://hint.fm/wind/  How cool is that?  If you don’t think it’s cool, well then….  Just realize it doesn’t take much to entertain me.

I haven’t updated the site in quite some time due to issues still stemming from the sinus surgery (I think.  Who knows at this point).  But dang the torpedoes!  Full speed ahead!

June 4 2014

Chattanooga Trip Itinerary

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I haven’t had the chance to recap our Chattanooga trip due to some mega sinus issues that ended in surgery, but I’ve had some asking about our schedule.  First of all, I highly recommend a trip to Chattanooga with your troop if it’s within a decent driving time.  The girls AND the adults all loved it.  Detailed recap later!  Without extreme pain, sinus pressure, and dizziness – hopefully!  And thanks again to Co-Leader Beth aka Julie the Cruise Director! Continue reading

June 2 2014

I’d Need a Time Machine

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After our delegate meeting a few weeks back, I spoke with a board member on the way out.  Board members help bring in the money for Girl Scout councils to put it simply.  I asked about that aspect, and she said that she has to get across to whatever company or organization about how much of an impact Girl Scouts has in this world by creating leaders, women of distinction, etc. (I’m paraphrasing a lot, but you get the picture).  So after we finish speaking, I start thinking about this on the way home.  How do you get across to people what kind of impact Girl Scouts has in girls’ and women’s lives?  Continue reading