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Communication Station!

Recently I have been struggling with figuring out the best way to communicate that works best for our parents/girls AND me.  I am very much a computer based person, because if you saw my office space, you would understand.  Paper falls into the enormous void known as my desk, and it’s never to be seen again until I find it and have no idea what it’s referencing.  Plus, I don’t do well when someone asks me what time their daughter needs to be at whatever event or if they’ve paid for something at the beginning of a meeting when I’m trying to get the girls settled.  My brain short circuits.  I also would like things to be as automated as possible and to not have to send multiple reminders.  I need a reminder to send reminders. Read more »

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Maybe It’s Me…

I’m not going to get into my thoughts on the whole #banbossy campaign at this point – but don’t worry, I will sometime in the near future and it will take up its own lengthy blog post.

But I came across something today, and I thought – say WHAAA?  Maybe I’m way behind the curve on this one and leaders have already been complaining about it.  I’m usually late to meetings or coming in like a tornado RIGHT as the meeting starts, so it wouldn’t be past me to be behind the times.

Beyoncé is one of the spokeswomen for the #banbossy campaign, correct?  Read more »