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1982 World’s Fair, Part Two

It’s time to finish the saga that was The 1982 World’s Fair Trip™!  After thinking through it, I probably could have just added this post to the original one because there’s not much to it.  But I couldn’t think of the name of the waterpark featured in this post at the time, and I wanted to go on and publish what I had.  It had been lingering out there for a couple of weeks.  This memory has nothing to do with Girl Scouts, so feel free to skip it unless you’re interested in another probable self-absorbed post. Read more »

Camp WaBak Song

(h/t to Lois Graves for sending this to me!)

Did you know Camp WaBak has its own song?  It was written by Jean (“Happy”) Ligon in 1968:

Big Boy Mountain

Big Boy Mountain

Song of WaBak

Back in the hills is a camp we know
It’s been there long and we have learned to know
It’s a place to learn, to love, to grow.

Shining sunlight greets the day;
Rain may come, but clouds will blow away
And sun will smile as campers play.

WaBak, WaBak, where the wind blows free;
WaBak, Camp WaBak,
It’s a home for hearts, for you and me. Read more »

Tic Tac Toe and Doodles

The other day, I was going through some boxes of my stuff up in the attic and came across the notebook I took with me on our Trip Out West™.  So as a follow-up to my “Kids These Days” post, I just wanted to post some examples of what you do when you’re stuck in a van (not down by the river) for eight or nine hours a day before the days of portable DVDs, cellphones, and tablets:  Read more »

Summer Camp Memories at Whitehall Forest

I never got to go to an overnight camp growing up, but I did attend a few day camps during my time as a GS.  We usually spent the night on Friday, but I never did have the full blown camp experience.

Note:  This recollection is based off of thirty-something year old memories.  The details may or may not be fully factual with what actually happened, but I think they are pretty close!  🙂

whitehall-forestOne of my favorite day camps was the one held in 1983 at UGA’s Whitehall Forest by the Northeast Georgia Girl Scout Council.  I attended it along with a few of my troopmates if I remember correctly – Jenny being one, perhaps?  I’m just going to assume it was her.  Let’s go with it, shall we?  Edit:  I talked to Jenny and it WAS her! Read more »

Enter the Uniform Zone… IF YOU DARE!

Originally this was going to a lengthy post about my view on uniforms.  I moved part of it into its own post when it strayed so far off topic, so all was left was this serious explanation.  But then I started reading thread after thread and argument and argument over uniforms on various GS groups that it almost became absurd.  I almost just scuttled this post altogether because it would beat an already dead horse into oblivion, but you know what?  IT’S MY PARTY AND I’LL CRY IF I WANT TO.
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