July 26 2015

The Best Part about City Slickers Camp

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We just finished our service unit camp called City Slickers – and it went really well.  While I had volunteered before for various gopher duties and car pools, this was my first year being a leader and planning out the week.  My partner-in-crime Tonia and I had a great time leading the Juniors.

We had a lot of different activities scheduled – but the best moment of all was something that was completely unplanned (And no, it wasn’t when the person leading our art class cancelled ONE HOUR before our appointment….). Continue reading

July 20 2015

The Shortcut Debacle

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I thought this story deserved its own title graphic too.
I thought this story deserved its own title graphic too.

This will be the last post for a while – I’ve got City Slickers camp the rest of this week, and then I’ll be in and out for the rest of the summer until school starts!  Maybe I’ll fit one in before I get too busy with back to school stuff.

A few months ago, a large contour map of National Center West appeared on Ebay.  I lost the auction, but the seller posted some very large close up pictures of the map.  I received permission to download the pictures, and I then stitched them together in Photoshop.  The original would have obviously been a lot clearer, but I just wanted to get an idea of what it looked like.  Take that, person who outbid me by a penny!  This map brought back one of those “this isn’t very funny right now, but we’ll laugh about in the future” memories. Well, maybe not.  Who knows.

After I started this blog, I made a list of various stories that I wanted to share.  Some of them are short, and others require names – kind of like The Scut Farkus Affair*.  I call this one The Shortcut DebacleContinue reading

July 19 2015

2015 City Slickers Camp

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City SlickersEach year, our service unit (639) puts on a summer camp called City Slickers.  It lasts a week for Cadettes, Seniors, & Ambassadors and a half-week for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors.  Our theme this year is “It’s a Girl Thing!”  I’m one of the Juniors’ leaders.  The Brownies and Daisies are day-only, but the Juniors spend each night.  I’m really looking forward to it, and I’ve been planning events for it for the past few months.  After City Slickers is over, it’s troop planning time!  W00t!  Continue reading

July 17 2015

My Favorite Troop 20 Newspaper Clipping

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This is my favorite newspaper clipping of Troop 20.  It didn’t appear in the regular newspaper but instead in the 1988 edition of Trefoil Trails, the parent newsletter of the Northeast Georgia Council.  (I know all of this because it’s on the other side of the clipping, not because I have an awesome memory.  I do have an awesome memory, but not of facts like the name of the Northeast Georgia Council’s parent newsletter.Continue reading