The Best Part about City Slickers Camp

We just finished our service unit camp called City Slickers – and it went really well.  While I had volunteered before for various gopher duties and car pools, this was my first year being a leader and planning out the week.  My partner-in-crime Tonia and I had a great time leading the Juniors.

We had a lot of different activities scheduled – but the best moment of all was something that was completely unplanned (And no, it wasn’t when the person leading our art class cancelled ONE HOUR before our appointment….).

City Slickers Summer Camp PatchEntirely on their own, the Juniors decided they wanted to put on a skit/circus show for the rest of the camp on Friday night.  They rehearsed during free time but were having a very hard time putting it all together because there were three very strong personalities that refused to entertain anyone else’s ideas other than their own.  We played a few teamwork games at one point between activities, and certain girls really struggled with it even when it was obvious her idea didn’t work.  The skit eventually started to cause so many problems that Tonia and I said they couldn’t do it until they proved they could all work together.

So on Friday morning during breakfast, they came running up to us and asked, “Can you watch our skit?”  I don’t know how exactly, but they had figured it all out.  They performed it Friday night and did a wonderful job.  Tonia and I got them together afterwards and really bragged on how excited and proud we were to see them come together and put on such a good show.  We are ordering a special “teamwork” patch to send them later this month as a surprise.

And that is what it’s all about!

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