August 23 2015

Moonshine Falls at Asbury Hills

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I’ve decided to start logging my hikes in this blog because I do get asked what hikes I’ve taken and which ones I’d recommend for troops.  I hope that’s OK with all four or five of you reading this blog.  😉

Back in March of 2014, my friend Meggan and I drove up to Asbury Hills, a United Methodist youth camp near Cleveland, SC, to hike to Moonshine Falls as recommended by our Methodist minister.  You can download a map on the Asbury Hills website.  It’s called Moonshine Falls because it used to be the site of an actual moonshine still way back when.  And the 55 gallon drums are still there!   I’m guessing Asbury Hills wasn’t there at the time.  At least I hope not.  You know those crazy Methodists, though!  Continue reading

August 22 2015

The Path to the Gold Award in the 80s

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Back when Troop 20 was made up of wee little Brownies and Juniors, Mrs. Vickers said she would take us to Europe if we stayed in Scouts and earned our Gold Award.  Well, not PAY for it, but plan and arrange it and all that stuff.  And this was a big deal for Mrs. Vickers, because she was deathly afraid of flying.  She did get on a plane to go to Our Cabaña before that trip, but flying overseas was a much bigger deal for her.  Continue reading

August 16 2015

A RECENT Newspaper Clipping!

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Enough of this living in the past!  I received a welcome surprise this morning when I opened up the August issue of our local city’s newspaper.  The Simpsonville Sentinel featured an article about our service unit’s City Slickers summer camp and our Juniors’ work with the Fountain Inn Garden Club.  I can’t say enough good things about the work they did with our girls.  So if you’re in the Golden Strip of SC area, please contact them for projects!  They were extremely enthusiastic about working with us.  Continue reading