November 22 2015

Brownies Unleashed at Summer Camp

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Front of Senior SashI haven’t shared a story or memory here lately, and for some reason, this one has been itching to get out.  On the way to earning the Gold Award, you had to earn all sorts of awards with breathtaking and awe inspiring titles dreamed up in GSUSA meetings such as Dreams to Reality, Let’s Make It Happen!, Careers in Exploration, The Challenge of Being a Girl Scout, and The Senior Girl Scout Challenge.  There were also some silver and gold Leadership Torches.  Throw in some yellow and green service bars and lots of community and Girl Scout service hours and you’ve got yourself a full sash.  Continue reading

November 18 2015

It’s the Little Things – Girls Guides Pet Peeve

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dreams to reality
From Nightmares to Reality

Sometimes it’s the little things that get to me.  As we all know, a lot has been made about the Journeys and the Girl’s Guides books.  To be honest, I’m more irritated by the Girl’s Guides books than I am the Journeys.  I guess I remember the late 80s days of From Dreams to Reality (bor-ring!) and Let’s Make It Happen! (sounded like a game show) and Careers in Exploration (high school guidance classes, anyone?) and see those as the frontrunners to Journeys (h/t Da-nice aka Samona’s doppelganger), so I’ve been beaten down by them. Continue reading

November 11 2015

It’s Complicated and Leader Connections

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Don't Ever Leave MeLast night I realized I have a very dysfunctional relationship with Girl Scouts.  It’s complicated.  Sometimes I’ll get ticked off or feel despondent about how things are going, and I’ll say well screw you Girl Scouts.  I don’t need you.  And then about a minute later, I’ll feel bad and say, oh Girl Scouts, I could never quit you, and I’ll come groveling back.  Forget you GS!  I hate you!  It’s OK GS, I didn’t really mean that…  I guess I’m in it for the long haul.  😉  Continue reading

November 9 2015

Return to Whitehall Forest

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If you’ve read Summer Camp Memories at Whitehall Forest, then you’ll know that summer camp from 1983 was one of my favorite memories from GS.  It was a crazy day camp with all sorts of drama and suspense!  Jenny reminded me that a car bringing a girl to the camp ran into a deer. I don’t think they were injured, but that news was all the talk among the campers.  This followup post may be of no interest except to me and Jenny, but I wanted to share it anyway. music It’s my blog and I’ll post if I want to, post if I want to, post if I want to….  Continue reading