January 31 2016

“Ball Made of Recycled Christmas Cards” Craft

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I had no idea how to title this post, so there ya go.  I realize it’s way after Christmas, so this is late just like our family’s Christmas newsletter that still hasn’t gone out.  Maybe it’ll be a Valentine’s Day family newsletter.

Back when I was in Girl Scouts, I remember making this neat craft with old Christmas cards.  When I first started with Daisies, I knew at some time we would make this craft.  So I began saving all of the covers of our Christmas cars.  Year after year, the cards started piling up in the crawlspace.  One day – I knew it was time!  So I pulled out the hundred or so cards for our upcoming Junior meeting and party.  Something I hoarded finally paid off!  Continue reading

January 15 2016

This Is What I Do When I’m Supposed To Be Cleaning

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My house is always a wreck.  I’d like to blame my two young children, but let’s be honest – it’d probably still be a wreck even if they weren’t around.  I hate cleaning.  So if there’s anything that I can do other than cleaning, I’ll be doing it.

Earlier this week, Clemson played Ala-damn-bama for the National Championship as every true Southern woman knows.  Alabama won, but Clemson gave it their all.  It was a great game.  I was jealous that Georgia wasn’t playing.  Sigh.  Maybe one day.  Wait ’till next year.  Continue reading