April 10 2016

The 2016 Service Unit 639 Encampment is in the Books!

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We just wrapped up our service unit’s Encampment Weekend.  It was a great one – albeit a little cold!  I always get a little depressed after a big event has passed whether it’s a Girl Scout weekend or a church retreat.  This song runs through my head for the next day or so until the melancholy passes.  Really, it does:

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April 3 2016

Troop 20 at the J-Low Birthplace

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welcome to savannahIn 1983, Troop 20 followed our 1982 World’s Fair Excursion with the pinnacle of all Girl Scout trips – a visit to Savannah, GA to the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace.  There are things I remember about our Savannah trip – like the boot glass I got from the Pirates’ House (that I still have!) and being creeped out during the tour after finding out that graves were buried above sea level and at one point floated away during a flood.  I remember asking the tour guide later if that white thing floating out in the river was a coffin – which made the tour guide laugh but some in my troop scared to go to sleep that night.  Continue reading