June 27 2016

Additions to WaBak Posts

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Oh those crazy kids!
Oh those crazy Camp Northstar kids!

This past weekend my youngest daughter and I attended the Girls Weekend Out/Me & My Gal session at Camp WaBak.  It’s a one night/one day sampler type session to give the parents and girls a brief taste of camp life.  I’ve gone two years with each daughter making this the 4th time I’ve gone (and the last time).  I did it hoping that my girls would want to go to camp and as a way to ease them into it.  I hope it will work with my youngest (we’ll find out next year!) but it didn’t really sink in with my oldest.  I guess every kid is different.  When I was growing up, I always dreamed about going to a resident camp and even being a counselor, but we couldn’t afford it, so I stuck with the summer day camps my council put on.  They were fun, but it wasn’t the same as being able to get away from home for an extended period.  There definitely would have been some wacky hijinks at Camp Northstar if I had been there.  Instead, I lived vicariously through the 80s run of camp movies.  Continue reading

June 22 2016

Paris Mountain Hike

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parismountainsignIt’s summer in the South, which means I don’t get to go hiking because it’s so frickin’ humid and hot.  (But my husband and I are going to go on July 4th, so we’ll see how that goes!)  So instead, I’m going to look back at the hike at Paris Mountain State Park that Becky and I went on in late March.  Spring was just about to kick in so it was warm in the sun, but when the wind started blowing, it got pretty chilly.  I must have taken my second layer on and off about four times. Continue reading

June 7 2016

Girl Scout Leaders and Snoring

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If you read the post from April about our service unit’s Encampment this past year, you’ll know that our troop was assigned the Treehouse units at Camp Pisgah during a cold snap.  A very cold snap.  It dropped down to 32° Friday night and forecasted to drop to 26º Saturday.  I made the executive decision to move us to the Lodge where there was heat.  Unfortunately, there were also snorers.  LOUD ones.  Continue reading

June 5 2016

R.I.P. Athena

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athena 4x4

Back in September, I wrote about the passing of my big white cat named Orion, aka “Big Boy.”  This past Friday, we said goodbye to our other cat Athena.  She was 16.  Since I wrote a post about Big Boy, I think it’s only fair that I write one about Athena as well.

Athena came along before Big Boy as a stray and just a few months after my husband and I had gotten married.  I had stopped at the front of our neighborhood in the parking lot of a gas station trying to woo a kitten.  Turns out the cat was feral, but while I was out there, the attendant came out for a smoke and noticed what I was doing.  She asked if I wanted a kitten, and I said yes.  Her boyfriend had found one in the parking lot of an auto parts store, and she already had six cats of her own and couldn’t afford another one.  I met her at 11pm after she finished her shift, and she handed her over to me. Continue reading