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Happy Belated OFFICIAL Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Sunset in Alapaha

Sunset in Alapaha

It’s a few days after Thanksgiving, and I’ve just gotten back from the strange and mysterious world of no WiFi.  Yes, believe it or not, there are places in this world where homes have NO WiFi!  Our family’s farmhouse in very rural South Georgia is one of those places.  But you can get 4G service if you have Verizon, so all is not lost.  You just have to watch your data usage.  But a very nice trade-off is seeing the Milky Way Galaxy and gorgeous sunsets, so I don’t mind going without WiFi for a couple of days.  Read more »

Guess the Retired Badge Game

In case the handful of you who read my blog aren’t aware of it, posts around this time of year really slow down due to my schedule and level of activity.  I try to stick one in from time to time, but sometimes I’ll go a while without a new post.  I was actually working on one about Robert’s Rules, but it was so dull that I had to put it to the side.  I’ll get to it soon.  Also, all of the research and reading I did over the past few months for the past series about the 2004 restructure burned me out to be quite honest.  Read more »