December 31 2016

New Year’s Eve Random Patch Bowl Edition Plus More

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve got three of them on the back burner that I should be publishing soon.  It’s been an exhausting December for me personally, so that’s cut into blog post time.  But here’s a quick one to round out 2016!

The other day I was thumbing through the latest and greatest patch catalog from Advantage Emblem, and I came across a timely patch for the most wonderful time of the year, aka bowl season.  I haven’t been able to watch much college football earlier this year, so I was very happy to see my beloved Georgia Bulldogs beat the Great Horny Toads of TCU along with some other great bowl games. 

But here’s the patch:

No doubt this was designed by a very angry coach who disagreed with that call in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter.  Because every girl should have a headless ref on their vest!

On a sad note, I like many others were very saddened to hear of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynold’s passing.  I was unaware of Reynold’s connection to Girl Scouts.   Here’s a great quote from her as posted by GreenBlood  News:

Also – it’s cookie season for us starting next week!  Boo!  For someone who dislikes cookie season as much as I do, you’re probably wondering why I create so many cookie memes and whether there will be any this year.  Probably so, but I haven’t been inspired very much because of how much I had going on in December.  I should post a few next week, but probably not nearly as many as I have in the past.

Happy New Year!

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