April 23 2017

Burgers R Us

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Customer:  I am so excited about going to Burgers R Us!  I grew up going there and I love the cheeseburgers!
Burgers R Us:  Hi, welcome to Burgers R Us!  What can I help you with today?
Customer: Thanks!  I’d like a cheeseburger.
Burgers R Us:  Here you go.  That’ll be $5.
Customer:  Aren’t you going to put it together for me instead of just handing me the pieces?
Burgers R Us:  No.
Customer:  How will I know how to put it together?
Burgers R Us:  Just go over to that table and figure it out.
Customer:  I don’t understand.
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April 15 2017

Surveys, Rogues, and Signs

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Here are just a few random thoughts about some subjects that wouldn’t necessarily take up a whole blog post, but they do deserve some mention before I go into my upcoming EPIC RANT!  Rawr!

First, it’s time again for the annual Voices Count GSUSA Survey!  ::throws confetti everywhere::  Our council supposedly requested 100% adult and girl participation, but apparently this request was ignored and they were just randomly sent out instead.  My oldest daughter received one, but neither my youngest nor I did.  But that didn’t stop me!  Nope!  I requested a survey by sending an email to [email protected], and after a few days, I got one.  But before I filled mine out, I cajoled my oldest daughter into taking hers.  I won’t go into the drama.  Gotta love the tween years.  I figured it’d be the same confusing survey written at an adult level like what’s been sent out year after year.  In fact, I wrote (aka complained) about it last year and suggested creating different surveys for leaders, parents, and girls.
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April 8 2017

WaBak Falls

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There’s a small but beautiful waterfall located on the Camp WaBak property appropriately named WaBak Falls.   There are two ways you can view it.  One is via an observation deck that you can reach by heading down a short trail next to the Amphitheater, and the other by walking down a very, very steep wooden staircase down to the creek and then wade up from there.  The Creek Hike is a traditional activity during camp and a very welcome one when it’s during the hot South Carolina summers.  But be careful on the hike – it never fails that I slip on the rocks and come down hard on my tush.  But I have a lot of padding, so no worries!  Continue reading