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The Calm Before the Storm

There are only a few days left until we leave for the National Convention, and I’m starting to kinda sorta get ready.  I’ve made all of my swaps.  I’m not quite to 300, but I will have three different kinds plus two limited editions.  I have 97 of the OFFICIAL scarf swaps, 150 something of my cat comic swap, and 40 something of swaps from my daughter’s Destination from this past August.  So catch me early if you want an OFFICIAL scarf swap and bring a good one to trade!

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Lifetime vs. Annual Membership Dues Rebuttal

Disclaimer:  The following is my own personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the view of my council’s delegation.
Addendum 9/26/17:  To clarify, this rebuttal speaks solely to the claim that National Board has the authority to raise membership dues and does NOT speak to the amount of lifetime membership dues.  In my opinion, Proposal 3 is specifically about the amount of lifetime membership dues and does not imply authority whether it passes or not.

Learn It. Love It. Live It.

This blog post is (yet) another continuation of a series about membership dues, proposals, and who has the authority to change them.  It’s not really necessary to read the previous three if you haven’t already, but I highly recommend it because I might have already answered some questions, plus I go into depth as to my explanations and rationales as to why the National Board does not have the authority to raise membership dues.  You can start here.  But this one is a direct follow-up to the blog post called The Lifetime Membership Dues Amendment Contradiction where I stated that this year’s National Session Proposal 3 contradicts the National Board’s previous assertion.   Before we begin and in case you’re just joining us, here’s a refresher:  1)  The National Council DID NOT vote at any point to give authority to the National Board to raise dues, nor was there ever a proposal.  2)  The National Council DID NOT vote to raise membership dues from $12 to $15 at any session.  3)  The National Council DID NOT vote at any time to raise membership dues from $15 to $25.  For a list of all proposals since 2008 and their results, read this blog postRead more »

Eclipses, Patches, and Swaps (Oh My)

So who caught the total solar eclipse a few weeks ago?  I was lucky enough to live in the totality area, and we also had completely clear skies for it.  I had been looking forward to this event for a year and a half, and it completely lived up to the hype and then some!  My youngest daughter and I went to a leader friend’s house with her two girls and watched it there complete with a pinhole camera, solar glasses, white poster paper (to see the shadow bands), and even a recording of Total Eclipse of the Heart to play during the totality!  We all screamed when it hit 100% like it was a big rock star!  And it was!  Read more »