VTK and You: Here I Go Again

This is the third installment of the VTK and You video series with this one called VTK and You:  Here I Go Again.  The Whitesnake version.  But I can’t get my hair to look like those guys.  I bet hairspray companies made a fortune in the 80s!  Well, I’m not going to write a lot before posting the video because I’ve pretty much covered all the prefaces and what-nots in the last two.  But here they are again in case you’re reading this out of order:

  1. These are not “how to” videos at all.  If they help, great!  But that’s not the purpose of them.
  2. I do NOT represent my council’s viewpoints so please do not take it as such.  I’m just a regular ole Brownie & Cadette leader trying to navigate her way through the VTK jungle.
  3. It is NOT my intent to bash VTK.  I actually think it has potential, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done.
  4. I have a background in IT and have worked with developers to roll out applications, so I will be looking at it from that standpoint as well.
  5. I’m just trying to help. 😉

What I test in this video:

  • Emailing reminders from meetings
  • Downloading calendar dates from plan
  • Rescheduling meetings
  • Downloading activity plans as PDFs
  • Deleting meetings
  • Replacing meetings

Here’s the direct link if you would like to watch it directly on YouTube.   Comments have been turned off on YouTube, so please submit them on the blog posts themselves.  If there’s a specific part of VTK that you’d like for me to walk through and test because you’re having problems with it, let me know as well.  The more input, the better.  I’m just covering technical issues, not my overall impression of VTK.  I’ll save that for a separate blog post down the road.

VTK and You Video List:

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