VTK and You: The Final Countdown (not really)

Fooled ya.

I originally called this episode VTK and You:  The Final Countdown fully intending for it to be the last one in the series.  But more things came up for me to test while recording this one, plus a few volunteers from my council asked me to test out issues they are having as well.  So one more!  Right?  Just one!  And because I’m apparently a masochist, I’m going to go back to my previous posts and summarize what I cover during the videos just to be more specific and possibly help out some poor soul who randomly stumbles across these VTK blog posts.  Once again, I start poking around a topic thinking it’ll be something I can knock out pretty quickly only for it to turn into a long, drawn-out ordeal.  But I must push forward!

So like the last video, I cover a hodge podge of random issues I found while clicking around and testing these things:

  • Banners at the top of the VTK
  • Creating a custom activity (event)
  • New help menu and tips
  • Emailing parents from custom activity event
  • Adding meetings past June 30th
  • Get Girls Outside badge options within meetings

And as always, I don’t represent my council, and I’m just trying to help.  Those two statements pretty much sum it up.  Here’s the video on YouTube if you’d like to watch it with a larger window (recommended), and I’ve now created a YouTube playlist for them.

VTK and You Video List:


  • I hope to explore the VTK more this year too, and these blog postings will help me. Thanks for putting in the time to do these. I think it will help – a lot!

    • They need to get a lot of these bugs fixed first.

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