The Lifetime Membership Dues Amendment Contradiction

Sometimes I feel like I might be getting too cutesy with the titles of my blog posts, so I decided to stick with something that’s more to the point.  But now that I’m reviewing this particular one, it reads like a title of a Big Bang Theory episode.  Anyway, this is a follow-up post to the one entitled Back to the Future:  About 2008 and Membership Dues.  If you haven’t read it yet, stop right now and do not continue reading until you’ve read it.  This one will make no sense unless you’ve got the background down pat first.  Re-reading it is probably not a bad idea either. Read more »

National Center West Newspaper Photo

Happy Fourth of July!

What?  Troop 20’s trip to National Center West was featured in the newspaper?  You don’t say!  Here’s our obligatory picture in the Athens Banner-Herald that ran not too long after we got back from our trip in 1987:  Read more »

Thirty Years Ago at National Center West!

Well, if there’s anything that’ll make you feel old, it’s realizing how long ago something happened when it feels like just yesterday.  Later this summer, Jenny and I are planning on getting together to go through all of her Troop 20 pictures and scrapbooks and reminisce!  I gotta figure out how to bring along a scanner!

Lately, the National Center West Facebook group has been very active with the planning of an archive.  Some of the 1987 staff members are in the group too!  And just by coincidence, this is the 30th anniversary of Troop 20 taking our Trip Out West!  We arrived at NCW on Sunday, June 28th and left on Tuesday, July 7th of 1987.  You could create your own schedule by choosing from a variety of sessions.  Here was mine!  Read more »

Back to the Future: About 2008 and Membership Dues

I’m not really sure if there’s an analogy to the movie BTTF here, but it’s my favorite movie and I just wanted to add a picture of it here.

In April’s post titled Surveys, Rogues, and Signs, I mentioned the Farthest North Council’s lawsuit vs. GSUSA over the 2017-2018 membership increase from $15 to $25.  At that time, I was under the impression that the National Council (delegates) had turned over authority to raise membership dues to the National Board during the 2008 National Convention.  I made a sarcastic comment as well.  I’d like to apologize for that comment, because after reviewing the 2008 proposal (#4 to be exact) and what is stated in the Blue Book, the National Council did in fact NOT give that power away.  In fact, it is my opinion that the National Board overstepped its bounds in 2016 and was not and still is not authorized to increase dues.  Read more »

Camp WaBak Patch Collection

Here’s a collection of Camp WaBak patches that I’ve come across so far.  If you have any to add, please email a picture to me at [email protected] Thanks!   I’ll update this post with any additions. Read more »