Uniforms from the Past Made Me Cry


I’m in the middle of writing up an opinion about the current state of uniforms, and at one point, I got completely caught up in talking about the uniforms from the 80s.  Imagine that.  Anyway, I decided to post this flashback in its own separate post.

I’m just going to start off by saying uniforms in the 80s were not designed for those with sensory processing disorder.  Of course, nobody had even HEARD of sensory processing disorder, so I’m not blaming anyone.  If you were wearing something that made you jump out of your skin, you just learned to deal with it.

Like Girl Scout uniforms…. Read more »

A Pet Peeve of Mine

I keep meaning to really sit down and put some thoughts down about some serious topics lately, but I’ve only had time for these quick hits.  Here’s another one!

So if you’re going to some Girl Scout shindig, and you would like to wear something GS (as you should) and your insignia tab at the same time, here’s what it looks like if you try to pin the tag where it really ought to go:   Read more »


I Got a RockAt National Center West, you could choose from a long list of various activities and sessions.  One activity that I participated in was a hike to a river.  Unfortunately at the time, I had one of those cheap Kodak 110 cameras that took horrible pictures at the time that look even worse now.  I’ll scan some in from time to time, but just know that there’s really not a lot that I can share.  Read more »

Farthest North GS Council Website Header Graphic

Fairbanks Council Website

Click to see a larger version.

While doing looking up Council’s Own badges, I came across the Farthest North Girl Scout Council website, and I just have to say that I love the header for their website!  Love the aurora borealis and snowflake graphics!

FWIW, I think my girls would have a hard time earning the Dog Musher badge here in South Carolina.


The Old Girl Scout Leader

You can order this via the Girl Scout Shop website.

You can order this via the Girl Scout Shop website.

A fellow service unit team member came across this and sent it out to everybody (thanks Debbie H!).  It’s not attributed to anyone, so right now I’ve got it as anonymous, but if you know who wrote it, please let me know and I’ll update!


he old Girl Scout leader had lived longer in the service unit than any of the others. She was so old that her patch jacket was filled – even on the sleeves, her mess kit was dented, her sleeping bag was flat and she had a special room in her house just for her Girl Scout supplies. Read more »