The Board of Directors and Fiduciary Duties

I don’t know about you, but when I hear about a “board of directors,” I get the mental image of a bunch of people in business suits sitting around a long conference table looking important.  They may be on a conference call too.  Probably one of those calls where it takes 10 minutes for the call to actually get started because you have to go through the usual “Who just joined us?” and “Can you hear me?” questions and the uncomfortable silence and shuffling of papers while waiting for everybody to finally get on the call.   I bet it’s even got that weird background noise that nobody ever cops to but forces the call organizer to ask “Can everyone please mute your phones when you’re not speaking?” multiple times.  Read more »

National Delegates Don’t Do This! Comic

You’re welcome to use this anywhere you’d like:

This week is our service unit’s annual summer camp called City Slickers, so I’ll be out of pocket for at least the rest of the week and maybe more for recovery!  It comes at a good time, and I’m looking forward to getting to do what this is all about.  I’ll write up something about this year’s City Slickers once I get back down to earth.  Hah.  I just made a funny because this year’s theme is “Look to the Sky!”  It’s astronomy based to tie into into next month’s solar eclipse.  We’re in an area of totality!  So off to City Slickers – and beyond!

But What If There’s an Emergency?

In case you’re just joining us, we’ve been studying what’s been going on with the National Board, raising membership dues, modifying the Credentials, and looking at the Lifetime Membership Proposal for the upcoming 2017 National Convention.

Before proceeding, it’s a requirement that you read these two posts first in this order if you haven’t already:

  1. Back to the Future: About 2008 and Membership Dues
  2. The Lifetime Membership Dues Amendment Contradiction

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The Lifetime Membership Dues Amendment Contradiction

Sometimes I feel like I might be getting too cutesy with the titles of my blog posts, so I decided to stick with something that’s more to the point.  But now that I’m reviewing this particular one, it reads like a title of a Big Bang Theory episode.  Anyway, this is a follow-up post to the one entitled Back to the Future:  About 2008 and Membership Dues.  If you haven’t read it yet, stop right now and do not continue reading until you’ve read it.  This one will make no sense unless you’ve got the background down pat first.  Re-reading it is probably not a bad idea either. Read more »

National Center West Newspaper Photo

Happy Fourth of July!

What?  Troop 20’s trip to National Center West was featured in the newspaper?  You don’t say!  Here’s our obligatory picture in the Athens Banner-Herald that ran not too long after we got back from our trip in 1987:  Read more »

Thirty Years Ago at National Center West!

Well, if there’s anything that’ll make you feel old, it’s realizing how long ago something happened when it feels like just yesterday.  Later this summer, Jenny and I are planning on getting together to go through all of her Troop 20 pictures and scrapbooks and reminisce!  I gotta figure out how to bring along a scanner!

Lately, the National Center West Facebook group has been very active with the planning of an archive.  Some of the 1987 staff members are in the group too!  And just by coincidence, this is the 30th anniversary of Troop 20 taking our Trip Out West!  We arrived at NCW on Sunday, June 28th and left on Tuesday, July 7th of 1987.  You could create your own schedule by choosing from a variety of sessions.  Here was mine!  Read more »