Hooray for Hollywood and 2017’s Cookie Memes

In what seems to have turned into a tradition, I present to you 2017’s cookie memes!  I have to admit – I was a little unmotivated this year.  I think it’s because I churned out so many last year.  But sometimes you have to just plunge yourself into a project, and once I got going, I was able to knock out a few.  I won’t do as many as I did last year, but I will be adding to these from time to time I’m sure.  This year I’ve got a “Hooray for Hollywood” theme.  As always, you are welcome to share these.  I’ll be also posting them on my cookie meme Pinterest board at some point.  Don’t miss page two!  Read more »

Choosing a Troop Crest

I couldn’t find this online all in one place except for a PDF from the San Diego council, so this is shamelessly borrowed from them.  I added the graphics.

Choosing a Troop Crest

In the early days of Girl Scouting, troop crests were used to identify a troop. The rapid growth of the movement soon made numbering necessary, but troop crests were kept as a symbol of a troop’s goal or main interest. Today, troops should think carefully about the crest they choose. It should have a special meaning to them, one they can pass along to new members each year. The symbol can be used on a troop flag or to mark troop equipment. Every member should know what their crest is and what it means.  Read more »

New Year’s Eve Random Patch Bowl Edition Plus More


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve got three of them on the back burner that I should be publishing soon.  It’s been an exhausting December for me personally, so that’s cut into blog post time.  But here’s a quick one to round out 2016!

The other day I was thumbing through the latest and greatest patch catalog from Advantage Emblem, and I came across a timely patch for the most wonderful time of the year, aka bowl season.  I haven’t been able to watch much college football earlier this year, so I was very happy to see my beloved Georgia Bulldogs beat the Great Horny Toads of TCU along with some other great bowl games.  Read more »

Robert’s Rules

A riveting read!

A riveting read!

This is a post that I wrote a few months back and for some reason never got around to publishing.  It’s appropriate now with the national convention coming up.  I hope it is also helpful for volunteers serving as delegates for their local councils.

So, here we are again with a topic that everybody just gets amped up about.  I’m so excited.  And I just can’t hide it.  I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.

I’m talking about Robert’s Rules of Order.  What is that?  Who is Robert?  And why is he so OCD?  This is another entry in the category Delegate Duties, a hopefully helpful guide to those of us who are council delegates and are doing our best to figure out what the heck we’re supposed to be doing. Read more »

Happy Belated OFFICIAL Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Sunset in Alapaha

Sunset in Alapaha

It’s a few days after Thanksgiving, and I’ve just gotten back from the strange and mysterious world of no WiFi.  Yes, believe it or not, there are places in this world where homes have NO WiFi!  Our family’s farmhouse in very rural South Georgia is one of those places.  But you can get 4G service if you have Verizon, so all is not lost.  You just have to watch your data usage.  But a very nice trade-off is seeing the Milky Way Galaxy and gorgeous sunsets, so I don’t mind going without WiFi for a couple of days.  Read more »