June 17 2017

Back to the Future: About 2008 and Membership Dues

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I’m not really sure if there’s an analogy to the movie BTTF here, but it’s my favorite movie and I just wanted to add a picture of it here.

In April’s post titled Surveys, Rogues, and Signs, I mentioned the Farthest North Council’s lawsuit vs. GSUSA over the 2017-2018 membership increase from $15 to $25.  At that time, I was under the impression that the National Council (delegates) had turned over authority to raise membership dues to the National Board during the 2008 National Convention.  I made a sarcastic comment as well.  I’d like to apologize for that comment, because after reviewing the 2008 proposal (#4 to be exact) and what is stated in the Blue Book, the National Council did in fact NOT give that power away.  In fact, it is my opinion that the National Board overstepped its bounds in 2016 and was not and still is not authorized to increase dues.  Continue reading

June 2 2017

October to May 2017 Hours Tally

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For the 2015-2016 year, I decided to tally up my hours to see if I was close on my estimation of 300 hours volunteered for Girl Scouts.  So I continued to track my hours for this past year – why not at this point and just compare and contrast them from year to year?  So here’s the tally for Oct 1st, 2016 to May 31st, 2017!  I’ll continue tracking them through Sept 30th to add them up for the full fiscal year.  Continue reading

May 30 2017

I’m Sorry We Leaders “Failed” Your Daughter

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Strongly worded letter time!

This post pairs up with the last one (Camping, the Outdoors, and Defending Leaders Again), so if you have time, read it first.

I’m not a big fan of “open letters” because I think they are passive aggressive.  I’ve always said I hope the authors of these open letters at some point confront whoever it is they are taking to task.  So based on that criteria, the following is not an open letter but a strongly worded one.  Before writing this blog post, I’ve had discussions on Facebook at various times with multiple people who have made the following statement including an admin who shared the same attitude.  And I will continue to press when I see it on display again.  If someone says it to me in person, thar she blows! Continue reading

May 26 2017

Camping, the Outdoors, and Defending Leaders Again

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Our weekend at Chimney Rock

A few months ago, a link to the article The Girl Scouts Is Raising Our Next Generation of Rippers was posted in some GS groups, and this paragraph was noted in particular:

In my neighborhood in Washington, D.C., the local Boy Scout troop goes camping once a month and the Girl Scouts go three times a year. Chalk one up for the boys. Only 40 percent of Girl Scouts, in fact, do any kind of outdoor activity on a monthly basis. Although half of all Girl Scouts rate ­camping as a favorite activity, only 3 percent go out and pitch a tent ­every month. Four percent go hiking monthly, and 19 percent go walking, an activity that sets a ­pretty low bar.

And right on cue, it brought out some of the people who love to compare BSA to Girl Scouts (which is another rant for another time) and also the ones who like to bash Girl Scouts for not going on enough camping trips.  Or just blame GSUSA for everything under the sun.  Then throw in a parent who whines that Girl Scouts “failed” their daughter – whatever that means (yet another rant for another time).  But they are being extremely unfair to GS leaders, and I have to say I take their comments personally because the volunteer base is a big portion of what encompasses “Girl Scouts.”  Continue reading