Eeyores, Scrapbooks, and What Nots

eeyore-1Eeyores:  This is another pity party post.  Every once in a while I have to get these out of my system.

As I whined in another post, this has been a hard year Girl Scouts-wise for me.  I won’t go into the details since this is a public blog, but there have been some things that really start to wear on you if you’re as enthusiastic and hung-go as I think I am.  Actually now that I think about it, there have been some constants that have been chipping away little by little in my past five years as a troop leader.  Don’t worry – I’m not quitting GS by any means, but I think as with anything that you care deeply about, the things that wouldn’t necessarily bother you in one context do in another. 

Scrapbooks:  My friend Diane has been helping me attempt to track down a scrapbook about our Trip Out West™ and NCW made by our troop.  I mentioned it at the end of this post.  To sum up, Mrs. Vickers donated it to the NEGA Council when she moved from her house to a condo in the 90s.  Diane got in touch with someone from the Historic Georgia council to see if perhaps it is stored somewhere and what we can do about finding it.  There is some confusion as to where exactly it could be because I was asking about Athens and turns out the person Diane was talking to is based out of Savannah.  And she said it could be in Macon.  I have a feeling though that top… men… are working on it right now:

I sent this to Diane the other day, and she told me to stop being so impatient and negative.  😉

What Nots: And another thing – my council is the most… GAH!  I suppose Thumper says it best:


BUT!  I am someone that attempts to lift my spirits by thinking about good things, and one is that our troop is going on a LLAMA TREK tomorrow!  I’ll post details later along with a review.   Plus next weekend is Mountain Magic, which is our council’s leader weekend.  It was cancelled last year (no comment), so I’ll get to see some people I haven’t seen in two years!  BOOYAH!


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