Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!

I’m sure you’ve heard the title’s quote many times in your volunteer career when you mention Girl Scout badges to someone.  It’s even the name of one of the tags used for this blog.  (Actually, the correct quote is “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!”)  But recently, it seems that GSUSA is saying it too.  The word is getting out that the Make Your Own Badge website will be shutting down in June, and therefore, this option will no longer be offered.  Read more »

Camp WaBak’s Beginnings

Home of The Greenville News archive

Last Friday, I visited the Greenville Main Library in the hopes of researching Charles H. Yates, a man who was a very kind benefactor to the Girl Scouts.  The Yates Lodge at Wabak is named after him.  When I arrived at the library, I found out that The Greenville News archive is only indexed from 1990 to the present.  Uggghhhhh… and there went my plans for cross-referencing Charles H. Yates and Girl Scouts.  I’d have to know specifically which issue I wanted to look up or at least have some kind of date to go by.  Read more »

Hooray for Hollywood and 2017’s Cookie Memes

In what seems to have turned into a tradition, I present to you 2017’s cookie memes!  I have to admit – I was a little unmotivated this year.  I think it’s because I churned out so many last year.  But sometimes you have to just plunge yourself into a project, and once I got going, I was able to knock out a few.  I won’t do as many as I did last year, but I will be adding to these from time to time I’m sure.  This year I’ve got a “Hooray for Hollywood” theme.  As always, you are welcome to share these.  I’ll be also posting them on my cookie meme Pinterest board at some point.  Don’t miss page two!  Read more »