February 11 2018

Cookie Incentives from the 80s

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Just for fun, I thought I’d pull out some of the cookie incentives that I earned as a girl in the 80s since it’s cookie season.  Yay.  Surprisingly, they made it through my mother’s purging of junk from my room throughout the years.  All I’ve got left are stuffed animals and patches, so I’m not sure if anything else was offered.  I never made it close to getting any of the cool gifts.  Jenny and Caroline always sold enough to get a free week of summer camp at Camp WaBak.  Our council (Northeast Georgia at the time) didn’t own any camps, so we had a deal with Old 96.  I was insanely jealous, I must admit.  Continue reading

February 4 2018

Show Me the Money

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Show me the money!

Here’s another exciting edition of Delegate Duties!  Get your coffee and No Doze ready, because this one involves accounting!  Yay!

Many volunteers express frustration about their council’s finances.  They do not know where to turn or how to translate what they’re being told at annual meetings and what that really means.  They also might wonder where the money is going.  So how do you find these things out?  There are a couple of ways.  Continue reading

January 23 2018

Bylaw Amendment Proposal Example

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I hope this post will be helpful for other service unit delegates.  If you want to become involved, but you’re not sure how to go about it, you’ll first need to educate yourself about your role as a delegate and also familiarize yourself with your council’s governance framework.  I started a Delegate Duties category on this blog to pass on what I’ve learned myself as a delegate.  It’s dry and not the most interesting topic, but it’s important to know what you’re walking into so that you don’t spin your wheels trying to do something that’s not possible.  I don’t have a lot of posts in this category yet (because they aren’t the most exciting things to write!), but I do plan on adding to it from time to time.   Continue reading

January 10 2018

City Slickers 2017: Look to the Sky!

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In the midst of all of the membership dues discussion over the summer, our service unit held its annual summer camp in July called City Slickers.   To piggyback on all of the talk about the August solar eclipse, we decided on a space theme and named it “Look to the Sky!”  This is the 11th year of City Slickers, and it was originally created to give girls who have never been away to camp a way to experience one while staying relatively close to home and in town – hence the name “City Slicker.”  C/S/As start their week on either a Sunday night or Monday morning and stay overnight through Saturday morning.   Juniors stay overnight from Wednesday to Saturday morning.  Brownies attend Wednesday through Friday from 8 to 5 with a sleepover on Friday night through Saturday morning.  Daisies attend Wednesday through Friday from 10am to 2pm and also round out the week with Saturday morning activities.  Continue reading

December 26 2017

Ho Ho Ho Printer Claus

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Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Amy?

This is a follow-up post to my last one called Twelve Page Pet Peeve that went viral almost immediately.  I read some of the comments that were made in two different Facebook groups where it was shared.  There may have been more, but those were the only two I saw.  The vast majority of people agreed that GSUSA should provide printer-friendly downloads, and others gave advice like sending it off to be printed at a Staples or Office Depot.  I’m not sure if the ones that suggested sending it off actually read the post all the way through, because I listed that as one of the options.  Oh well.  I’m sure there are also some who disagreed with me and don’t see an issue with what’s being released by GSUSA.   It takes diff’rent strokes to move the world, yes it does, it takes diff’rent strokes to move the world.  Continue reading

December 21 2017

Twelve Page Pet Peeve

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I vented about this topic two years ago, but I would like to revisit it because it’s aggravated me again recently.  It’s almost Festivus and that means it’s time for the Airing of Grievances.  I got a lot of problems with you GSUSA people!  And now you’re gonna hear about it!

Some of our Cadettes will be working with our Brownies next month for their LiA award, so I downloaded the Brownie Quest LiA letter that each Cadette will need to fill out.  It’s three pages long and there’s three of them doing it, so I’ll have to print out 9 pages.  I want a copy as well to put in my Cadette Leader notebook, so that brings the total to 12 pages.

I opened up the PDF file.  Here’s what it looks like overall:

Pretty, right?  Not if you have to print it out.  That’s a lot of color even for just three pages, but make it twelve and that starts to eat into my ink cartridges.  Continue reading