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My name is Amy (Moore) Brown, and in the 3rd grade, I joined Girl Scout Troop 20 in Athens, Georgia.  Little did I know at the time how much of a difference it would make in my life.  My troop leader was also my 3rd teacher – but more about her later in the blog!  I stayed with my troop all the way up to Seniors (there was no Ambassador level at the time), and four of us earned our Gold Award.

Currently, I’m a troop leader for Troop 2562 in Simpsonville, SC.  I’ve been a leader since the fall of 2010 starting with Daisies.  I lead both of my daughters’ levels, so I’m doing double duty from that standpoint.  I’m also on our service unit’s team, plus I am a SU delegate to our council.

Since I have been through the Girl Scout program as a girl and now as a leader, I am a true believer in what the Girl Scouts program can provide.  My goal as a GS leader and volunteer is to give back to others what I have received from Girl Scouting.

When it comes to perspective, I feel like I can offer a somewhat unique one.  As I mentioned before, I went through the entire program from start to finish – Brownies all the way through Seniors (the highest level at the time) and earned the Gold.  However, from the time I earned my Gold in June of 1989 to when I started as a volunteer in August of 2010, I was out of pocket.  The only interaction I had with anything Girl Scout related was buying cookies at booths during that time.  So fast forward to 2010 – I started as a Daisy leader after the mergers, as the Journeys came on board, and as the old badges were retired.  I pretty much started as a volunteer knowing nothing else other than what memories I had as a girl.

This blog and website is just a way for me to express my opinions, views, random thoughts, ideas, and memories about Girl Scouts so that I don’t talk my fellow leaders’ ears off at our service unit meetings.  I realize that it’s nowhere near grammatically perfect and has all sorts of nasty stuff like tense switching, incomplete sentences, and dangling participles.  I’m livin’ on the edge!  Mrs. Neal, my 9th grade English teacher, would give me a negative grade if she read this.  (She REALLY did give someone a negative grade once!  For real!)

I also enjoy writing about the histories of Camp WaBak and Camp Mary Elizabeth, two longtime camps in the GSSC-MM council.

If you are personally mentioned in this blog, I don’t mean any harm by it, and if anything, I mean it affectionately.  Awwww…. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

If you want to reach me via email, you can email me at amy at dawgtoons.com.  Please note that press or media requests will be turned down.  I am not a member of any group nor do I represent one.  I speak only for myself in this blog with personal opinions and commentaries – some positive and some not so positive.  At times I am very critical of GSUSA, but that in no way means I am critical of the Girl Scout Movement as a whole.  I write about these things in the hopes that I can contribute to some kind of volunteer perspective on what works and doesn’t work.

Any views expressed in this blog do not necessarily and most likely do not reflect the views of my previous council (Northeast Georgia), or current council (SC – Mountains to Midlands), or any future council I might be in, or GSUSA, or my service unit, or my troop, or my cats.

I would never do something like this. And no, that is not me. Source: cardcow.com
I would never do something like this. And no, that is not me. Source: cardcow.com