Troop 20 Visits Dean Rusk

Our troop visited Dean Rusk in 1982 (or 1983 – not sure), who at the time taught international law at the University of Georgia.  We met him in his office, which was located in the Dean Rusk International Law Center.  Imagine that.

Troop 20 Visits Dean Rusk

If you don’t know who Dean Rusk is, then crack open your history books or click the obligatory link to the Wikipedia entry.  Cliff Notes version – he was the Secretary of State during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.

I remember the buzz around us going to visit Dean Rusk!  My parents, especially my mother, kept telling me what an honor it was to meet him.  As a 4th grader, I had no idea who he was.  I knew he was an important person, even though I didn’t understand what a Secretary of State did or what the Vietnam War was about.  But looking back, I am very impressed and honored that we had the opportunity to meet him.

And whaddya know!  I remembered to wear both my beret AND my red tie for the picture!

As the newspaper caption says, we were working on the World Neighbors badge.  Here’s what it looked like if you’re interested:

World Neighbors Badge

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