G.I.R.L. 2017 is a No Go

For the past few years, I’ve heard a ton about national conventions.  I was looking forward to finally being able to go to one since I didn’t even consider going in 2014 due to the distance.  Everybody kept telling me how much I would enjoy them. 

Last summer, I submitted my national council delegate application as a formality knowing full well I wouldn’t even be considered, and surprise!  I wasn’t chosen.  But all sarcasm aside, I really was surprised when our board and council offered to pay the base registration for everyone who submitted a national council delegate application.  I thought well, I HAVE to go now!  What an opportunity!

I had all intentions of attending and even started making OFFICIAL scarf swaps to take with me!

But – the more I started to look into it, my enthusiasm began to wane.  Admittedly, there were some GS related downers recently that did not help my attitude.

I also realized I would be completely on my own.  Very few people from my council are attending, and even though some say “they’re thinking about it,” we all know that phrase usually means they’re not going.  I was told by someone who has volunteered around the country that usually the local councils make a note of their guests who are attending and help them make arrangements and dinner plans.  Ours just said to look at the GSUSA website.

So, I went to the GSUSA website as directed and started doing the math.  Even with the base registration paid for (I’m assuming the offer still stands), travel and hotel rooms get expensive, especially since I’d be on my own.  I had this vision of me wandering through the halls by myself with the song “Everybody’s Talkin'” playing in the background.  Or this:

Me:  Hello, I’m here to check in!  My name is Amy Brown.
Check-in Staff:  Ah yes, here’s your paperwork.  What council are you with?
Me:  Um… the Farthest North one.
Check-in Staff:  What?
Me:  The one in Fairbanks.
Check-in Staff:  Fairbanks, Alaska?
Me:  Yes, that’s right.
Check-in Staff:  You have a South Carolina address.
Me:  I’m… uh… I’m in their outreach program.
Check-in Staff:  I see.  Could you stand over there for just a minute?
Check-in Staff turns and whispers to another staff member:  Please go get security.

I was told watching the National Council Session would be right up my alley, but the kicker was realizing my husband would have to take multiple vacation days to take care of our girls while I traveled up to Columbus, OH to watch a business meeting of which I would have absolutely no stake in.  It looks like there will be some kind of round table/breakout sessions on Saturday, but again, I would be traveling hours and spending lots of money to possibly discuss something of no consequence.  If he’s going to take vacation days, we should actually use it for vacation.  I’m disappointed, but that’s life.

Therefore, the OFFICIAL scarf swaps will be used for this fall’s Mountain Magic weekend instead.  So if you run into me there, let’s swap!

You know you want one!

But if you are going to Columbus, here’s some traveling music:

Addendum 8/8/17:  Now I am going and as a national council delegate alternate.  I am not sure if the ankle bracelet monitor will be put on before I leave or once I get there.  😉


  • I looked into it , for me and my cadet daughter. But the cost is ridiculous. .

  • Beautiful post. If we could all be members of the farthest north council!

  • The conference is within driving distance for us, but even with that the cost is truly prohibitive. I’m a SU delegate here for the first time and have found the process enlightening for sure (and really I have my doubts as to whether the delegate’s information is actually used in any way at all). I thought the conference would be a good experience for my Cadets & Seniors but its a huge amount of money per person. AND just to add insult to injury, while adults (obviously) have to attend the conference and be there with their girls, the meals that are included in the conference cost are not for adults. cha-ching.

    nice blog, i’ll be following!

    • My first convention was in Houston. In Salt Lake City, I was a delegate for my council Girl Scouts Coastal Pines. This is all to say I have limited experience, but this is the first time(Columbus) non delegates have to PAY to watch our legislative body in action. The registration fees have always been outrageous, but this is beyond the pale.

  • Your vision is not so far off!! My husband and I confuse everyone. We live in Greenville but we’re members of Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois.

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