VTK and You: Ain’t Nothin’ But a Good Time

LOL.  That’s all that needs to be said.

I am back with the fifth and final (maybe?) edition in the video series VTK and You!  I didn’t really decide that I was going with a hair band title theme until I named two in row, so I figured why not make it three?  The Carpenters don’t really fit in, but oh well.  Anyway, I really didn’t expect to create this many videos about VTK, and I didn’t even cover all of the topics.  I did not test or go through the My Troop section because I am using my live VTK account and didn’t want to expose any girls’ information.  Our council has also not implemented the Finances portion yet, so I didn’t walk through it either.  I also wanted to test it from a parent account to see what it looks like on their end, but I haven’t been able to log into my husband’s account yet.  If he has one.  I’m not really sure at this point.  

As I’ve said in the other blog posts, 1) I do not represent my council, 2)  I’m just trying to help, and 3)  these are not “how to” videos.

In this video, I cover these topics:

  • Combining meetings
  • Moving multiple meeting dates (I didn’t know about this feature in the first video)
  • Looking at multi-level plan(s)
  • Overall thoughts and Quick Ideas

Here’s the video directly on YouTube if you need a larger version, and here’s the playlist too.  Sorry for making more noise than needed in this video.  I ate something right before this and should have had more to drink before I started and kept having to swallow.  But nobody is watching these anyway, so I won’t annoy THAT many people.  😉

VTK and You Video List:


  • There’s just too many places to go with this series being named after big hair band songs… Foolin by Def Leppard or Jump by Van Halen both come to mind.. :-). I’ll admit, I did not watch the videos, just read all your commentary – snorted out loud laughing at a few things. Seriously, with seniors it just wasn’t worth the time to open VTK or watch the videos. Especially after reading the senior outdoor journey “how to” pdf that someone circulated off VTK. If it’s more of that, the girls can simply read the badge booklets and plan their activities. Meanwhile the big hair band fans still going for that natural curly look use this. http://www.devacurl.com/super-curly-moisture-oasis.html

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